A reconciliation of the author's general, scientific, and religious knowledge.

By Cristo Rey

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      History is the chronological record of any set of events. Natural History is the chronological record of the natural events associated with the creation and evolution of the Universe, Earth, and Life. Human History is the chronological record of the events associated with the creation and evolution of Mankind. Both Science and Religion have observed and accepted the existence of these entities, but have built up differing inferences of the natural events associated with the creation and evolution of the Universe, Earth, Life, and Mankind. Although both Science and Religion observe, examine, and consider the same physical evidence available as evidence of the real creation and existence of them, they reach different conclusions as to the purpose and intent of their creation, and as to the inferences that can be drawn from the obvious trends in the creation and evolution of these entities.

      The author of these articles, as a lifelong scientist, with unique, thorough, and intense preparation and experience in the fields of Biology, Evolution, Animal Behavior, Neuroscience, Cellular Biology, and Molecular Biology, with unshakable faith in God, and with a revealed understanding and comprehension of the Word of God as brought to us by Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, hopes to contribute ONLY to interested readers a possible reconciliation of the findings of these two disciplines, to achieve a unified interpretation of the Creation, its Purpose and Intent, and a revealed projection of the everlasting maintenance of the derived Purpose and Intent of the Creation. The emphasis is always on the guided revealed conclusions and interpretations to the author, by the Holy Spirit, of the purpose and intents of these creational events.

      The author categorically and strongly rejects the claims of anyone to be uniquely and solely "inspired" by the Holy Spirit to arrive at stated "Truths of God." We are all, without exception, inspired by the Spirit of God when we so love Him that He reciprocates in revealing His purposes to us. The author advises anyone who rejects Science, and who believes himself or herself to already possess the "Truths of God" to proceed no further and not to read any of these articles. The articles are intended for a special and receptive audience ONLY.

      For Science, there is no "Creator," and there is no recognition of a "Consciousness" guiding the events of the Creation. In this approach, Science contributes a dispassionate study of the physical evidence of the Creation which can be trusted with confidence, and can be accepted in its entirety. Religion, on the other hand, recognizes God as the "Creator," and His "Consciousness" as the guiding force in the Creation which can be trusted with confidence, and can also be accepted in its entirety.

      The evidence contributed by Science is arrived at by an objective physical study of the Universe, Earth, Life, and Mankind, and the interpretation of the physical record available of their creation and evolution. The evidence contributed by Religion is based on its conclusions reached by the "Spiritual" frame or state of mind which the Word of God stimulates in its adherents through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Whereas pure Science does not read a message or reach conclusions from the evidence it studies, Religion derives a message from the Word of God which cannot be discounted without denial of the existence of our obvious "consciousness" and of our capacity to recognize signs and symbols and of their decoding. The "consciousness" that Science neglects to recognize is the very property in scientists which makes possible their study of the Creation and of Mankind. It is this "consciousness," which existence Religion accepts, which gives Religion an advantage over Science in decoding the obvious messages in the same physical evidence that Science contributes without rational interpretation. What is needed is a reconciliation of these opposing approaches.

      As an example, whereas Science might recognize and admit to the existence of Consciousness in Mankind, it could not offer any explanation for its existence. Religion, on the other hand, recognizes the existence of Consciousness in Mankind as part of the Master Plan of the Creator (i.e. God) to set-up an informational loop with Man as the recipient of messages from Him in the form of signs and symbols, carrying information vital for our perpetual survival (salvation). Under the strictest test of logic, Religion is correct. As the most inferior of all living creatures, Man requires this information for his survival for any length of time at all. Indeed, without consciousness Man is reduced to a hopeless and useless vegetative state (e.g., a coma), unable to carry out any of the most basic functions of a conscious living being. We are under the milli-second by milli-second constant care of God for our survival (salvation) to any length of time at all.

      Whereas Science could merely state that Man has the ability to seek and find the food he needs daily for his survival, Religion could state that God provides Man with his "daily bread." Both are correct. A reconciliation of these two views is the most correct interpretation of the natural state of Man. The mind-sets which create the two differing points of view might not be reconcilable, but the views and interpretations they arrive at are not mutually exclusive, and are reconcilable. The two mind-sets are probably imposed manifestations of the alternate hemispheric dominance of the brain of Man, Science requiring mostly left-brain dominant views, and Religion requiring mostly right-brain dominant views, irrespective of the handedness of the individuals. This imposition was probably established by historical factors, and has been perpetuated by tradition.

      The time has arrived for a reconciliation of these alternative points of view. It is hoped that a more complete, intellectually and spiritually satisfying view will emerge from such a reconciliation. It is in this spirit that the following articles are offered. It represents an attempt at a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation and of its Purpose and Intent. It is the expressed hope of the author that the receptive readers will, when imbued with this spirit, be emboldened to discover and contribute additional scientific and religious points of view which are reconcilable between these intellectually warring disciplines.

      It is also in that spirit, that the author advises any religious person who rejects Science, NOT TO READ ANY OF THESE ARTICLES, it is not the author's intent to cause spiritual discomfort or disturbance on anyone, but rather an attempt to bring a reconciliation of the products of two very valid areas of human intellectual labor. We all, without exception, including the author, will one day face God, the Supreme Judge, and only He will decide which approach has been correct. The author for one, is willing to submit himself to the unavoidable Judgment of God, or for that matter does not have any other choice. In none of these articles is the author consciously promoting any evil, and all of the criticisms, insults, curses, threats, dirty language, and name-calling the author has received from so-called enlightened "Christians," only strengthens his faith that this approach is the correct one.

"The great synthesizer who alters the outlook of a generation,
who suddenly produces a kaleidoscopic change in our vision of the world,
is apt to be the most envied, feared, and hated man among his contemporaries.
Almost by instinct they feel in him the seed of a new order;
they sense, even as they anathematize him, the passing away of the same,
substantial world they have long inhabited.
Such a man is a kind of lens or gathering point through which thought gathers,
is reorganized, and radiates outward again in new forms.
" (Eiseley, 1973)

      All the evidence indicates that we are very fast approaching the End of this Earth Age, and it is the author's belief that a New Humanity will integrate and reconcile the products of its intellectual labors, guided by the Spirit of God.

      God is not a comedian, and He has not laid out a very real and palpable physical record for Man to be mislead into a science and a rejection of Him. God is inclusive, not purposely exclusive. In His Supreme Power, God need not "test" anyone's faith, and such "testing" is not from God, but as revealed to us by the Word of God all such "testing" of our faith and "temptation" of us away from it is not from God but rather the work of the mythical so-called "Devil," a mythical figure of the barbaric, primitive, tribal Hebrew religion of the Old Testament (Lk 4:9-13, Lk 11:4, Rv 2:10, 13, Rv 3:9).

      We NEED Science as much as Religion . . . for an adequate life and for survival itself, and to avoid an untimely death . . . We depend on both . . . they are intricately involved in our lives . . . if not directly, then indirectly . . . we are the "victims" of their respective excesses, their actions affect our lives and survival . . .

      When extremists on both of their sides ACT . . . our lives are impacted . . . then in VERY DIRECT WAYS . . . we cannot ignore them or fancy that we can live and survive without either of them . . .

      Even if Science and Religion do not reconcile themselves . . . and continue as enemies of each other . . . we MUST somehow reconcile them within ourselves . . . for our survival as individuals and as a species . . .

      We cannot surrender ourselves to JUST Science . . . its daughter, Technology can kill us or lead us to an untimely death . . . We cannot surrender ourselves to JUST Religion . . . its rejection of truths and of physical reality can also kill us or lead us to an untimely death . . .

      We have NO OTHER choice . . . we have to reconcile them within ourselves . . . that reconciliation WILL GUARANTEE our survival (or Salvation, as Religion calls it) and the avoidance of an untimely death . . .

"These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs:
but the time cometh,
when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs,
but I shall shew you plainly of the Father
" (Jn 16:25)

Index of Articles

     The following articles, covering a diverse group of subjects is offered to a receptive audience ONLY:

  1. By the Way, About God . . . An article setting forth proof of the existence of God, and attempting a reconciliation of Science and Religion.

  2. By the Way, About the Physical and Spiritual Worlds . . . An article defining the Physical and Spiritual Worlds.

  3. By the way, About Spirits . . . An article outlining the nature of spirits, and of the Holy Spirit.

  4. By the Way, About Man . . . An article defining the nature of Man, his animal and human nature, and the apparent reason for his creation.

  5. By the Way, About Cain and Abel . . . An article interpreting the story of Cain and Abel in a new light.

  6. By the Way, About Jesus the Christ . . . An article outlining the nature of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, and the Son of Man.

  7. By the Way, About Evil and the Devil . . . An article outlining the meaning of the subjects of evil and the Devil, of God's apparent impotence regarding them, and of the ultimate end of all evil and of the Devil.

  8. By the Way, About Sins and Punishments . . . An article advancing a better alternative to our current system of sins and punishments.

  9.  By the Way, About the Different Levels of Sins . . . An article explaining what are the different levels of sins.

10.  By the Way, About Concepts . . . An article outlining the meaning of concepts, their role in our lives, and a consideration of some currently held erroneous Christian concepts.

11.  By the Way, About Knowledge . . . An article defining knowledge, its role in our lives, and demonstrating the lethality of ignorance.

12. By the Way, About Resurrection . . . An article revealing that a resurrection following our death, identical to that of Jesus the Christ's Resurrection, is possible for us, and detailing the necessary steps.

13.  By the Way, About the Beast (666) of the End Times . . . An article identifying the Beast (666) of the End Times described in the Book of Revelation, its nature, its intentions, and who or what will vanquish it and release Mankind from its clawhold.

14. By the Way, About The Kingdom of God . . . An article describing the Kingdom of God, when and where it will be set up, and who will be its citizens, also detailing the requirements for inclusion, and a description of what life will be like in the Kingdom.

15.  By the Way, About Christianity . . . An article briefly reviewing the history of Christianity, its formidable impact on the World, and its future and fate.

16.  By the Way, About a Christian's Life . . . An article briefly outlining what a Christian's life today should be, and the example set by Jesus the Christ for us.

17.  By the Way, About Plagues . . . An article exploring the past plagues suffered by mankind, the present plagues, and the future expected plagues of the End of Days as prophesied in the Bible.

18. By the Way, About Evolution . . . An article explaining what is evolution, how it is possible, and what the Book of Genesis says about it.

19. By the Way, About Death . . . An article defining life and death, the components of our being, their deaths and possible resurrection.

20. By the Way, About Judgment . . . An article defining human judgments, the Judgment of God, and the Final Judgment.

21. By the Way, About the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ, and the Second Advent of the Christ . . . An article revealing the events of the Second Advent of the Christ, and the destruction of the Beast (666), and the False Prophet.

22. By the way, about an eternal life . . . An article revealing that an eternal life is possible within our current existence.

23. By the Way, About Love . . . An article defining love and hate, and the benefits and disadvantages of love in our life.

24.  By the Way, About Christian Politics . . . An article defining Christians involvement in politics, what Jesus the Christ said about it, and what He intended for Christians involvement in politics.

25. By the Way, About the Book of Life . . . An article defining the Book of Life, its authorship, its upcoming revision, and the requirements for the inclusion of our names in the revision.

26.  By the Way, About Our Communication with God . . . An article explaining what is the only communication we are able to have with God, how it is possible, how it can occur, what can be communicated, what can be be its result, and what benefits can it bring us in our lives.

27.  By the Way, About the "End of Days" . . . An article explaining what are the "End of Days," when will it occur, what precipitates it, and what happens afterwards.

28.  By the way, about Homosexuality . . . An article defining Homosexuality, why it has historically been considered a sin by Christianity, what Jesus the Christ said about it, and how the new Christianity will deal with it.

29.  By the way, about the Extinction of the White "Race" . . . An article presenting evidence of the origins, and fast extinction of the Great White "Race," its causes, and what impact its extinction will have on the world.

30.  By the way, about the Coming Racial (Ethnic) Civil War in America . . . An article presenting evidence of the coming "Racial" or "Ethnic" civil war soon to occur in America, its causes, and impact on the country and world.

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